Closed Cell Foam Liner 5mm - Single Roll
Closed Cell Foam Liner 5mm - Single Roll
Closed Cell Foam Liner 5mm - Single Roll
Mute Mat

Closed Cell Foam Liner 5mm - Single Roll

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A heat and sound insulating, flexible foam self-adhesive roll for use over sound deadening. The innovative EPDM and foam technology provides superior acoustic absorption and thermal insulation in a low 5mm profile.

The thermal insulation properties of the Mute Mat Sound Deadening Foam Roll keeps the cabin temperate of any vehicle stable, regardless of the outside conditions. 

No matter the amount of pressure, the environmentally friendly high quality foam maintains its shape whilst also being highly flexible and easy to cut for getting into tight or awkward spots.

  • Extra large 5m roll
  • Flexible for simple installation
  • Smooth black finish
  • 5mm thick with permanent adhesive
  • Isolates, insulates, and absorbs
  • Increases vehicle value
  • Peel and stick application
  • Designed in the UK
  • Roll size: 60cm x 500cm
  • Boxed Roll weight: 2.25kg
  • Roll coverage 3sq.m (32.3sq.ft)

 Typical use:

  • Fitting to car or vanpanels to help insulate the cabin and stop noise.
  • Lining doors, cupboards, and panels in a house to stop nose and / or insulate the space.