Sound Deadening Hex Foil Roll - Twin Pack
Sound Deadening Hex Foil Roll - Twin Pack
Mute Mat

Sound Deadening Hex Foil Roll - Twin Pack

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Mute Mat Sound Deadening Roll


A sound deadening and vibration dampening, foil backed self-adhesive roll for use on the interior sheet metal panels of a vehicle – simply peel and stick it to any car or van to both hear and feel the benefits.


Made from an environmentally friendly high grade pure butyl rubber for superior sound deadening and vibration suppression. The roll features a unique embossed hexagonal structure for increased flexibility and greater ease of cutting for getting into tight or awkward spots.


The unique hexagonal design makes installing onto complex and uneven surfaces that much easier. The flexibility that the roll provides allow for an improved aesthetic appearance, whilst minimizing the presence of folds or creases.


For car and van owners wanting a smoother and quieter ride without adding extra weight to their vehicle, the Mute Mat Sound Deadening Roll offers the perfect solution. The unparalleled chemistry of the manufactured butyl middle deadens sound and minimizes vibration without being excessively bulky.


To increase the convenience of installation, the roll is supplied in one extra-large 5m sheet (rolled) - ideal for large areas and custom work.


  • 2x XL 5m roll
  • High grade pure butyl rubber
  • Hexagonal embossed aluminium foil
  • Flexible for simple installation
  • 2mm thick with permanent adhesive
  • Stops noise, vibration, and rattles
  • Decreases tyre noise, engine noise, and exhaust noise
  • Increases vehicle value
  • Works in temperatures from -40°C to +160°C
  • Fully oil and water resistant
  • Peel and stick application
  • ROHS compliant
  • Designed in the UK
  • Roll size: 50cm x 500cm
  • Roll weight: 9.55kg
  • Roll coverage: 2.5m (26.9sq.ft)


Use on the side panels, roof, wheel arches, doors, and floors of any vehicle.